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MS Project 2021 Standard - the latest version of the project management software for sale Project 2021 Standard is the latest version of the versatile Microsoft project management software, which is designed primarily for SMEs and...
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Microsoft Project 2021 Professional - the new professional version of the proven project management software With Project 2021 Professional, Microsoft has released a current version of the versatile software that is indispensable as a...
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Buy Project 2021 - the latest version of project management software from Microsoft

Microsoft Project 2021 is the latest version of the versatile project management software, which, depending on the edition, is designed for task planning and management in companies and organizations of different sizes. With Project, all factors relevant to project management, such as deadlines, personnel, resources and budgets, can be recorded and developments can be clearly displayed at every stage. For an easier start in MS Project, users can fall back on typical standard templates for various tasks, which already contain all the essential processes and components involved - these can then be individually adapted or extended according to specific needs. With MS Project 2021 purchase, for example, "what-if" analyses are also possible, as well as the creation of different scenarios to identify risks at an early stage and take appropriate measures in advance or even during execution to ensure the success of a project. Depending on the edition - Standard and Professional - further options are available for this, which also affect collaboration in the cloud.

In addition, there are comprehensive reporting options - both for individual phases and after completion of the tasks set - to provide employees and business partners with analyses on individual aspects as well as final reports, e.g. as insights and best practices.

You can find the Project 2021 editions Standard and Professional as used software in the Wiresoft Software Shop immediately after the official release - you will benefit from their lower price compared to the respective new product. In the following you will learn all about the new functionalities and features of Project 2021 known so far and you will get information about the differences between the Standard and the Professional Edition.

For the latest information on MS Project 2021, simply contact one of our representatives. You will also find out which other Microsoft applications available at Wiresoft are compatible with Project 2021, which are also available as Used Software.

For which target groups is MS Project 2021 designed?

Microsoft Project 2021 was developed for both beginners and professionals in project management, who, depending on their level of knowledge, either use their own templates when planning new projects or create new project plans from scratch based on a neutral, empty Gantt chart, or use the large selection of templates for project types that already contain all the typical components. Data contained in Excel, Word, Outlook or PowerPoint files as well as task lists can be imported into Project while retaining the formatting and outlines there, which reduces the effort required for editing.

Depending on the MS Project 2021 edition - buy Standard or Professional - users have additional options for use or synchronization with external data sources.

Visually, MS Project 2021 Buy presents itself, in contrast to the previous version by an even clearer desktop interface to facilitate access to frequently used functions. The improved user-friendliness is complemented by the "dark gray" and "white" designs familiar from MS Office, which enable more concentrated work on the screen by reducing the colors.

Maximize project success with - Buy MS Project 2021

Whether start-ups, SMEs or large companies - through professional project management, successes can be better planned and risks minimized - the scope of tasks always essentially includes the following elements, which can be further differentiated or supplemented depending on the complexity:

  • Creation of a project plan incl. roadmap
  • Definition of resources and participants
  • Setting milestones until the goal is reached
  • Monitoring and controlling the progress of the project as well as the availability of capacities
  • Report generation, during the running project as well as after its completion for documentation purposes

Typical tasks that can be completed more easily with MS Project 2021 include:

  • Dynamic project planning: MS Project project plans can be used to plan project effort, project duration, and the deployment of participants dynamically and thus flexibly. Timeline views make it easier to meet deadlines in the individual trades.
  • Use business intelligence for complex projects: Depending on the MS Project Edition installed, Power BI can also be used to create interactive dashboards that not only show the overall status of a project, but also provide detailed information on individual project areas. This allows risks to be better assessed and, if necessary, emergency measures to be planned at an early stage.
  • Develop innovative solutions: With MS Project 2021, workflows can be automated as well as individual solutions, e.g. for mobile devices, can be designed and also used in the cloud.
  • Budget planning: Thanks to comprehensive control over resources and capacities, bottlenecks and cost explosions can be identified early on and thus better avoided.
  • Project feedback: With the integrated feedback tools, those involved in a project can use their specific know-how to develop solution proposals and coordinate with each other in order to jointly ensure the scheduled completion and success of a project. Quickly generated progress reports and reports from previous projects can also contribute to this.

For all these tasks, Project 2021 provides comprehensive tools in both the Standard and Professional editions to capture and comprehensively map and control all processes and components involved in project management. The current version of MS Project thus offers the following fundamental advantages for users:

  • Create projects quickly and easily: With the practical templates of MS Project 2021, even beginners can successfully plan and coordinate tasks. To do this, they can choose from numerous templates that are based on industry best practices and can be customized, instead of having to create a project management plan from scratch. In addition to the proven Standard templates as Gantt charts, many other types, such as network diagrams or flowcharts, are available in Project 2021.
  • Manage projects more clearly: The powerful project management tools offer all the prerequisites for managing even demanding projects in detail in all subsections and trades, as well as for controlling them in all individual phases, while also always maintaining an overview of all interrelationships. MS Project 2021 provides various display options, e.g. views as forms, spreadsheets or columns to highlight certain aspects of a project, supplemented by various filters to clearly display individual tasks and resources - including their links and assignments to other phases or projects.
  • Easier team collaboration: Even if members of a project are distributed locally, all those involved in MS Project 2021 use the same plan version together and thus maintain an overview of all current developments and the respective responsibilities at all times. The joint exchange of experiences also increases efficiency in the realization of current and future tasks. Team members can also access information in the form of reports.

Important functions in MS Project 2021

In addition to the basic functions mentioned above, MS Project 2021 Standard as well as Professional has other proven features that either complement them, e.g. in resource management and report generation, or provide additional functionality, e.g. for portfolio management:

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is one of the most important components of MS Project 2021, as it allows not only a single project, but all projects to be recorded and their respective progress to be monitored. Project managers thus have an overview of all current statuses at all times - if a project is not progressing on schedule, they can react immediately and take countermeasures. The most common occurrences here are tasks that are not yet completed according to the schedule and costs that are running out of budget. Especially when other projects are affected by these undesirable developments because planned resources become scarce or unavailable as a result, the current status can be made visible immediately in MS Project 2021 through the independent updating with a single click and critical situations can be identified.

The connection of MS Project 2021 Buy to Power BI also provides detailed display options for budget management with regard to analysis as well as suggestions for improvements.

Structuring and linking individual project tasks

MS Project 2021 differentiates between four types of activities or activity types in project entry and control, which are based on a planning formula in which the three values of work, duration and allocation units are related to each other:

  • Fixed units
  • Fixed work
  • Fixed duration
  • Activity control

MS Project 2021 provides a mask for this purpose, which can be used to control the various tasks:

  • Tasks can be imported into a bar chart, including the simultaneous addition of multiple tasks as well as the assignment of the respective resources and relationships.
  • All tasks can optionally be linked to each other via the drop-down menu, or in the task table in the "Collective task name" field.
  • Each timeline can have its own start and end dates, and timeline bars can be specially labeled, providing more clarity for the tasks that are linked together.
  • Individual tasks within a project can be sorted hierarchically according to importance - this feature is particularly useful for more complex project schedules, as individual changes are automatically applied to all associated tasks.
  • Similarly, individual tasks can be linked together to visualize their relationship.

Resource management

Resource management in MS Project 2021 basically distinguishes between three types of resources: "labor", "material" and "costs". This allows detailed, clearer and thus more efficient planning and management of all resources scheduled for a project. Via the resource pool, these can be centrally managed for cross-project planning and clearly assigned to the individual activities; restrictions regarding their availability in terms of time as well as possible risks in the event of manpower overloads can thus be avoided, as well as in the event of cost limits being exceeded.

Report generation - Buy MS Project 2021

The creation of meaningful reports on a project is an essential aspect - also of Agile Project Management - here MS Project offers many options to visualize project data in an informative way, depending on the intended use. This applies not only to the status quo of an ongoing project, but also to reports on completed tasks. Insights gained and best practices can be shared with others in the team or partners. Project 2021 provides a wide range of report templates for the most common project types, which can be further enhanced with images, graphics, etc. The reports can be created in a variety of formats. The created reports can be made available to others in .PDF, .XPS, .CSV, .XML formats.

Exclusive features of MS Project 2021 Professional Edition

In addition to the features mentioned above, MS Project 2021 Professional Edition also has the following exclusive functionalities, which are particularly important for project management in large organizations and companies:

  • Improved clarity in Teamplanner
  • Additional templates and planning tools to increase productivity
  • Optional collaboration with MS SharePoint and MS Project Server
  • Optional use of Project Online

For the latest information on MS Project 2021 Professional Edition, please contact a Wiresoft representative.

Buy MS Project 2021 in the editions and Professional at Wiresoft as Microsoft used software

The editions and Professional of Microsoft Project 2021 are available from Wiresoft as used software. Thereby you profit from these advantages:

  • The trade and use of Microsoft used software, such as buy MS Project 2021, is legal and therefore permitted by law.
  • The designation of a Microsoft Project 2021 Edition - Standard or Professional - by Wiresoft as "used software" does not imply any restrictions on the functionality of this MS Project software.
  • When you purchase a Project 2021 Edition from Wiresoft, you are purchasing an original, fully functional Microsoft software - not a limited-use or time-limited trial version.
  • Used software such as one of the Project 2021 editions - Standard or Professional - has also been tested by Wiresoft for full usability before resale.
  • When you buy used software from Wiresoft, you always get a legal and original Microsoft Project 2021 product.

If you have any further questions about an edition of Microsoft Project 2021 or any other used Microsoft software, please contact us via chat, phone or e-mail.