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What is Visio for? - The Visio Shape Library

The Visio Shape Library contains a broad portfolio of diagrams that can be used in professional presentations, as well as for analyses, reports and audits, and blueprints - ranging from the visualization of business processes and models, to technical instructions and processes, to chemical etc. Processes.

Structure of the Visio Shape Library

Each diagram type is usually available in a standard form as well as other special representations as a template. These can be supplemented or extended by further elements as desired, because MS Visio is clearly organized according to a modular principle, so that even beginners can quickly find their way around it and the creation of diagrams is possible immediately even without greater knowledge.

For each diagram type, a typical set of elements is available, called a template; the elements grouped underneath are called shapes; each individual diagram is made up of these. This means that users always have all components directly available in each template to edit the selected diagram according to their ideas. The existing shapes can also be edited further and, for example, the size can be changed, text can be added or linked together, etc.

Brief overview of the diagram types contained in Visio

Depending on the version, the following diagram types and their special forms are available in Visio, among others:

Process Methodology Diagrams:

  • Flowcharts represent the individual phases of business processes or even technical procedures
  • BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) flowcharts illustrate workflows - also in accordance with BPMN 1,2Standard
  • Failure Structure Analysis diagrams document business processes (e.g. ISO 9000 processes)
  • Six Sigma diagrams DMAIC- (Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control) Standard explain measures to improve the company result
  • IDEF0 diagrams visualize hierarchies of configurations, etc
  • TQM (Total Quality) diagrams are used in the restructuring of business processes and capture factors such as cause and effect, top-down, etc.
  • Value stream mapping diagrams illustrate material and information flows
  • Swimlane diagrams assign individual work steps and tasks to the various departments in the company
  • Business process diagrams explain complex operational processes
  • Timeline diagrams document the flow of e.g. sales processes

Technical diagrams:

  • Process flow diagrams visualize chemical or industrial processes incl. technical equipment
  • IT diagrams - especially according to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Standard - illustrate the functions and roles defined in a system (e.g. active directories and databases)
  • Pivot diagrams - also known from Excel - are used to evaluate larger amounts of data and to display them under different aspects as data sections

Structural diagrams:

  • Organizational charts depict the structure of organization and the respective hierarchies
  • Sequence diagrams describe interactions including the participants as well as the events in a system
  • Communication diagrams depict the interaction of elements within a system
  • Activity diagrams visualize behaviors of different actions
  • State diagrams represent, among other things, the product life cycle of products
  • Use case diagrams visualize the phases of a project
  • 3D bar charts visualize KPIs such as sales and profits

Special planning diagrams etc.:

  • Floor plans are used for space planning and utilization
  • Building diagrams - especially according to IEEE-Standard - represent the technical infrastructure, e.g. power circuits, installations, pipelines, etc. in building technology
  • ITIL diagrams document IT service processes in libraries
  • SDL diagrams capture communications and telecommunications systems as well as home networks, inventory management systems, etc.

Microsoft Visio - What features are included per version?

The following overview of all versions of MS Visio available at Wiresoft presents the respective special features of each version - including the important contents of the respective editions; starting with the latest version MS Visio 2019, followed by the previous versions MS Visio 2016 and MS Visio 2013 - and MS Visio 2010, which also already has the desktop view familiar from Office. Each Visio version can be found in Wiresoft software shop in two editions: Visio Standard - with many professional features and diagrams - and Professional, with exclusive additions and additional functions.

In addition, you can get all specified versions or editions of MS Visio in the Wiresoft online shop as used Microsoft original software at a lower price than new. Benefit from the possibility to purchase special older software versions of Visio, which used to be offered only as volume licenses.

MS Visio 2019

Visio 2019 is the latest version of the diagramming software - it includes more features as well as new shapes for creating professional visualizations in technical as well as business fields and can be used at Windows 10 or with Windows Server 2019. Other features of Visio 2019 include importing data from Excel, as well as via Exchange or Azure Active Directory directly into shapes.

Features in Visio 2019 Standard:

  • Optimized support for AutoCAD makes importing and processing DWG files even faster and easier, including use of DXF files
  • Integrated commenting feature allows files to be shared with other collaborators for team collaboration
  • Touch support expands pen and finger use
  • Industry-standard diagram types improve clarity
  • New startup diagrams with SDL (Shapes Specification and Description Language) templates and more

Additional features and diagrams in Visio 2019 Professional:

  • UML (Unified Modeling Language) structure diagrams and tools for representing classes and interfaces - especially for specifying and designing software components
  • Database notation diagrams for graphical models of databases
  • Wireframe diagrams for the visualization of functions in app development

MS Visio 2016

The 2016 edition contains even more diagrams compared to its predecessor, thus covering many typical areas where a process or structure can be explained by a graphic for better comprehensibility - clearly arranged according to different templates. Visio 2016 requires at least Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 as operating system and thus has broad compatibility with existing operating systems.

New features in Visio 2016 Standard:

  • Individual Visio diagram types can be linked to meta-data so that content automatically adjusts as it is updated.
  • The "Tell me" search function from Office is integrated so that functions can be found more quickly by entering the appropriate search terms
  • The "Black Themes" from Office with color matching are available
  • Collaboration with other Office programs, such as PowerPoint
  • File formats VSDX and VSDM according to OPC- (Open Packaging Conventions) Standard
  • Automatic alignment of shapes

Exclusive features in Visio Professional 2016 Edition:

  • Individual Visio diagram types can be linked to meta-data so that their contents automatically adjust as they are updated
  • Diagrams of type BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation), UML 2.4 (Unified Modeling Language) for software components, Windows Workflow 4.0 for the Microsoft .NET programming environment, IEEE (standard of the "Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers" for electrical engineering and information technology, etc.
  • Add-In DataVisualizer for automatic linking and synchronization of data in real time with external data sources, such as Excel
  • The "current version of the truth" of a diagram automatically updates the linked data

Visio 2013

One of the features of the 2013 version of Visio is its broad compatibility with operating systems, ranging from Windows 7 to Windows 10, or starting at Windows Server 2003 R2. In addition to the constant addition of the portfolio of diagram types including the type Unified Modeling Language (UML) for the visualization of, among other things, class, sequence as well as database notation diagrams, which can be customized with the existing or self-created shapes and saved again as user-defined templates, Visio 2013 also contains other improvements and additions.

What's New in Visio Standard 2013:

  • Improvements in shapes such as the timeline, as well as Standard- and detailed networks, especially in the areas of Business Process Modeling and Unified Modeling Language
  • Integration of the Drag&Drop function for importing data and using diagrams in Excel and Word
  • New file format .vsdx, in addition the file formats vsdm, .vssm, .vssx, .vstm as well as .vstx are also recognized
  • Intelligentassignment of shapes and colors to show relationships between specific elements

Visio Professional 2013:

  • Individual chart types can be linked directly to Excel spreadsheets and data can be imported into shapes
  • Quick import function specifically for Excel
  • Imported data can be displayed in a separate "External data" window
  • Frequently used diagram components are available even faster via Quick Shapes
  • As well as many other diagram types included exclusively in the Professional Edition

Visio 2010

Visio 2010 has a large number of diagram types that can be easily expanded. Frequently used shapes are directly available as Quick Shapes in the Mini Tool Bar; newly inserted elements are automatically placed immediately. For larger diagrams, groups can be combined as containers for easier organization and editing. Visio 2010 is supported from Windows XP (SP3, 32-bit) or from Windows Server 2003 R2.

Features of Visio 2010 Standard Edition:

  • Linking of diagrams with Excel files incl. dynamic changes
  • Live preview for effects and fonts
  • Diagrams according to Standard Process Modeling and Unified Modeling Language
  • Ishikawa diagram type for the representation of cause-effect relationships

Exclusive features of Visio 2010 Professional Edition:

  • Use of SharePoint workflows when importing as well as exporting data
  • API (Application Programming Interface) support for programming interfaces
  • Data Graphics Legend for documentation of the elements used
  • Network diagrams, e.g. for displaying Active Directory services and rack servers. ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) diagrams for visualizing technical infrastructures as well as wireframe and architecture diagrams, pivot diagrams, and Six Sigma templates

Your advantages when buying MS Visio licenses as used software from Wiresoft

All versions and editions of MS Visio mentioned here are available from Wiresoft - already as a single-user license in the purchase version - with MS Visio as used software you benefit from the following advantages:

  • The price of MSVisio as used software at Wiresoft is significantly lower than the price of new software
  • In addition to the latest version of MS Visio, you will also find older versions as a purchase version in the Wiresoft software shop
  • Due to the different hardware requirements depending on the version, you will certainly find the Visio software that fits your hardware and operating system!
  • Visio editions from Wiresoft are original Microsoft software with the same range of functions
  • Exclusive Visio editions such as Professional are available from Wiresoft as single-user licenses - outside of a volume license
  • The offered purchase versions of MS Visio do not oblige to the usual subscription with updates, they can be used for an unlimited period of time
  • MS Visio used software from Wiresoft is therefore also audit-proof
  • You can also benefit from competent, friendly advice on your software purchase - by e-mail, telephone or chat