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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Device CAL SQL Server 2012 Standard is an ideal database management system with which you can reliably and securely manage all data in your company. To access the Windows SQL Server 2012 Standard you need...
₹4,866.90 *
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 User CAL SQL Server 2012 Standard is an ideal database management system with which you can reliably and securely manage all data in your company. To access the Windows SQL Server 2012 Standard you need...
₹4,866.90 *

New features and enhancements in the SQL Server 2012 release

Key enhancements in SQL Server version 2012 include performance optimization for SharePoint Services, helping users with a CAL to collaborate, coordinate and manage tasks.

With Always On Availability Groups, SQL Server 2012 provides a powerful high availability solution that supports rapid disaster recovery with up to nine availability replicas and multiple failover methods.

With the two components Analysis Services In-Memory Analytics Engine and SQL Server Relational Database Column, xVelocity also increases the performance of the SQL Server for data warehousing-relevant queries.

With the new SQL Server Data Quality Services (DQS), a knowledge database can be created that can be used for important data quality tasks such as standardization and the correction, extension and deduplication of data. In addition, SQL Server 2012 has further enhanced features such as data cleansing and data matching. Data records are cleansed of duplicate or inconsistent data so that they can be used in Reporting Services or for data warehouse applications.

In addition, the BI feature Power View for SharePoint Server enables not only data analysis but also the creation of ad hoc reports including data visualization.

Columnstore index (Transact-SQL) is the current Standard for querying and storing large tables in data warehouses. For this purpose, the Columnstore-Index uses column-based data storage when processing the data, which enables up to ten times higher query performance compared to line-oriented storage. With a client access license, the semantic search for Business Intelligence extends the existing full-text search function with new search options that go beyond those using keywords: It queries similarities between documents by analyzing their meaning.

Furthermore, SQL Server 2012 offers an even stronger integration of the cloud solution SQL Azure, with which local databases can be synchronized and made available via the Internet. SQL Azure is managed in SQL Server Management Studio.

The SQL Server 2012 Standard edition already provides employees who have a user or device CAL with many functions for use in daily business as well as extensive administration tools, so that the typical requirements of smaller companies and organizations are also met, including virtualization and data security.

For the SQL Server Version 2012 you can purchase the server license plus individual access licenses at a special price from Wiresoft. Wiresoft is your competent partner who advises you on your flexible and cost-saving licensing of SQL Server 2012. In the following you will find further comprehensive information on how you can equip your company particularly economically with Microsoft CALs in order to profit from all SQL functions.

SQL Server 2012 Standard of Windows with CALs can be easily and economically licensed from Wiresoft

No matter if you already own a license of the Standard of SQL Server 2012 and want to cover or supplement your need for CALs, or if you want to purchase the package server license plus CALs completely from Wiresoft - we carry all necessary licenses in our broad software offer. With the Standard of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 you are choosing a proven version of the Microsoft SQL database system, which includes many important functions optimized for Business Intelligence. Below you will find all important information about your customized licensing.

The Microsoft CAL Licensing Model for SQL Server 2012

With the 2012 SQL Server version, Microsoft has changed the license metric that was previously in effect. This regulates which types of licenses are available per server edition. The previous licensing of processors was replaced by the licensing according to cores, so that each core of a server must now be licensed separately. This license form is mainly valid for the Enterprise Editions. The Standard of SQL Server 2012 is the only Standard that gives the purchaser the choice of either licensing the cores of his servers or opting for the alternative licensing form consisting of a server license plus client access licenses.

The ability to choose between two alternatives when licensing the SQL Standard takes into account the fact that while small and mid-sized organizations may have fewer users of server services, their requirements for virtualization capabilities and server performance are comparable to those of large enterprises.

However, most companies with a more manageable number of employees generally have lower needs in terms of the functionality and scalability of SQL services. For these companies, the Server/CALs licensing model is usually the most cost-effective licensing model, without having to sacrifice essential SQL Server 2012 functions.

The licensing of the SQL Standard 2012 with CALs

To ensure that your decision to deploy the CAL licensing model to your enterprise servers is truly aligned with your daily business needs, it's a good idea to determine typical workloads and the number of employees who regularly access the server.

Wiresoft's single CAL license model is completely flexible and can be individually adapted to your company, so that you really only purchase as many CALs as you actually need. Thus you avoid unnecessary costs and have a correct and at the same time efficient licensing. In addition, you can purchase additional individual CALs from us at any time if the number of your employees using the SQL Server services increases.

How does Server/CAL licensing work for SQL Server 2012?

Server plus CALs licensing distinguishes between the implementation of the SQL Server software and the use of the corresponding services by a user. With the Standard SQL Server 2012, as with comparable other server software, the first step is to license the enterprise server(s). This server license includes two additional CALs in the form of two user or device licenses, but these are only intended to allow administrators to log onto the server to perform typical IT management tasks. For all the actual functions and services that SQL Server 2012 offers users, even the administrators - like the employees - require an extra client access license.

Typical differences between the User CAL and the Device CAL for SQL Server 2012

The client access licenses are available in two types: on the one hand as User CAL, which authorizes exactly one user to access, on the other hand as Device CAL, which licenses exactly one end device. User CALs and Device CALs are therefore two different license products. This means that a User CAL cannot be used as a Device CAL - or vice versa. It is also impossible that a license once issued to a user or to a device cannot be transferred (licensed) to another user or device.

Also, CALs can or may only be used within your own company. Thus, it is not possible for a user to log on to the server of another company with his CAL.

On the other hand, the client access licenses for users and devices do not or only slightly differ with regard to the scope of functions or services. However, they represent two different ways to access SQL Server functions. Both types of CALs can be combined in any combination, so that you can license both users and devices in parallel. Below is a brief comparison of the advantages of user and device CALs.

Device Access License for SQL Server

The Device CAL for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 licenses a single end device to use the corresponding server services. It does not matter whether it is a desktop computer, a notebook or tablet, or even a mobile phone that runs under Windows. This means that any employee who has permission to use this licensed device can access the services and data of SQL Server 2012 Standard.

Licensing with Device CALs is therefore particularly useful if workstations are used by very different employees in an organization, e.g. in shift operation or project-related.

User Access License for SQL Server

The User CAL for Microsoft SQL Server 2012, on the other hand, always authorizes exactly one defined user who is allowed to access the SQL Server 2012 services or data. In contrast to the Device CAL, this can be done with any Windows end device - regardless of whether it is a desktop PC, tablet, laptop or mobile phone - and from anywhere, even on the road.

The user access license is therefore particularly advantageous for those employees who regularly use very different computers and are not only located at the company site, but also use end devices in the field or in the home office.

CALs for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - especially favourable at Wiresoft

Wiresoft offers Device CALs as well as User CALs for the SQL Server 2012 Standard at a very reasonable price. These are always original European Microsoft licenses, which come from European companies and are not used and therefore 100% applicable. The Wiresoft team has checked all CALs available in the shop for authenticity beforehand.

You as a customer can be sure to purchase fully usable CALs with a license purchase from Wiresoft. Furthermore, according to a ruling of the European Court of Justice, it is absolutely legal to sell and purchase software products such as for servers as well as CALs.

You too can benefit from the price advantage that Wiresoft offers you with CALS for SQL Server 2012 and other Microsoft software client access licenses. Many of our previous satisfied customers do not only trust in the software quality of Wiresoft, but also in our expert advice. To find out how you can license your server most economically with CALs, please contact us for a consultation, also via chat.