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Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard is a new version of the proven, powerful messaging platform used for centralized management of email traffic, contacts and tasks as well as scheduling in...
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Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise is an up-to-date version of the secure and powerful messaging platform used especially in larger companies for centralized management of email traffic as...
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Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 - the efficient messaging platform for businesses and organizations

Microsoft Exchange Server is the proven messaging platform for email management and differentiated scheduling. It offers smaller as well as larger companies and institutions extensive tools for user-defined, flexible applications in collaboration and and messaging.
The new Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 extends and improves the range of functions of the previous versions. The current Exchange Server version puts even more emphasis on secure e-mail traffic, in addition, comprehensive options in appointment coordination, task completion and reliable contact management are also in the foreground.
Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 can be used with all popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 is available in two versions: Standard and Enterprise. Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard is designed for the mailbox needs of small to medium-sized businesses and supports one to five mailbox databases.
Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise is ideal for large enterprises that typically require a larger number of mailbox databases. The Enterprise edition supports one to one hundred mailbox databases.

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Proven benefits with Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

Using the so-called mailbox server role, Exchange Server bundles transport paths such as Exchange Transport, Mailbox Transport Submission, Mailbox Transport Delivery and Frontend Transport, thereby significantly improving CPU performance.

Efficient management and organization of e-mails, appointments and tasks

The intelligent inbox ensures greater employee productivity and efficiency. Thanks to the possibility of personalization and the extensive search function, not only e-mails can be found quickly, but also contacts, appointments as well as tasks. With Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard, you thus have all important data at a glance. The proven e-mail client program Microsoft Outlook offers you the familiar Windows interface.

Security with Windows Server 2019 Core

Windows Server Exchange 2019 runs on Windows Server 2019 Core, providing a most reliable and also trusted platform for your messaging infrastructure. More efficient use of available system resources such as processor cores, memory, and storage increases productivity. The use of the latest encryption and hashing algorithms means that your data is even better protected. Managing routine tasks becomes even easier. And Outlook Mobile provides secure mobile access to Exchange Online on the go.

An overview of the most important Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 innovations

New and improved technologies, features, and services in the latest Windows Server editions now better help users and organizations shift the focus of their work from communication to collaboration. As a result, Exchange Server 2019 also helps lower total cost of ownership - by deploying Exchange Server applications, both on-premises and in the cloud.

In addition, there is improved performance, increased security in protecting against attackers, and enhanced management capabilities for server administrators.

Exchange Server 2019 runs on Windows Server 2019 Core, making it one of the most secure and reliable platforms for your organization's messaging infrastructure.

The innovations in Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 benefit both end users and administrators:

Meta Cache Database (MCDB)

Exchange 2019 offers organizations the ability to use Meta Cache Database when running their own physical server with SSD drives. This automation script backs up meta information such as a mailbox's folder structure and speeds up both access and search. To do this, it allows administrators to make room for more users in a server instance. The use of MCDB thus helps to reduce costs.

Dynamic Database Cache (DDC)

Dynamic Database Cache in Server Exchange 2019 allows storage capacity to be dynamically adjusted to the situation at hand. This allows better use of the available storage capacity, even if the number of active databases changes, and also gives the Exchange Server greater speed.

Search index

In Exchange Server 2019, the search index has been completely reorganized. While it was previously separate from the database of a mailbox in previous versions, it is now located directly there. This innovation has two key advantages: First, administration is greatly simplified, and second, search speed is increased.

Windows Server Core

With Windows Server Core, Exchange Server Edition allows all administrators to simplify the standard version of the server system. The simpler design makes configuration easier, and unneeded services that consume resources can be neutralized. In addition, Windows Server Core also offers greater security, because on the one hand it has fewer points of attack for intruders, and on the other hand the risk of introducing security-threatening bugs is significantly reduced.

Client Access Rules

The new Exchange version gives administrators more advanced options for limiting access to the server configuration area with Client Access Rules. This affects not only the Admin Center itself, but also PowerShell, which is responsible for configuring, managing and automating systems.

Admins can use the current Client Access Rules to control a connection to Exchange based on an IP address, a specific authentication type and user properties - even country- or region-specific - and, if necessary, block it directly through the server without having to rely on a firewall. Likewise, with Client Access Rules, they can allow defined users to use PowerShell for a specified period of time.

Calendar extensions

With the Exchange 2019 release, the end user benefits in particular from new practical features that affect the calendar, here especially the organization of meetings:

  • Default End Date. This feature concerns the organization of recurring meetings to a reasonable number.
  • Do Not Forward. This feature allows the organizer to prevent meeting participants from forwarding requests to other recipients.
  • Improved Calendar Management. This allows administrators to cancel meetings organized by a person who, for example, is going on vacation or has left the company.
  • Configuration of out-of-office messages now includes three additional options: Block own calendar for a certain period of time; Reject all meeting requests sent during a certain period of time; Reject all meeting requests sent during this period of time.
  • Calendar - Remove-CalendarEvents cmdlet: Allows administrators to cancel meetings organized by a user who has left the company.
  • Assigning a proxy permission via PowerShell: This feature allows administrators to assign proxy permissions.
  • Internationalization of email addresses (EAI): This allows email addresses that contain non-English characters to be forwarded or transmitted.

Improved collaboration on documents

The new server version also includes the ability to upload and save files to OneDrive for Business, taking into account both local and online files in the list of recently used files.

Features no longer supported in Exchange 2019

With the new Server edition, some old familiar features of the previous Exchange versions are also no longer supported.

Unified Messaging

With Exchange Server 2019, Microsoft no longer offers the Unified Messaging (UM) service. Instead, Skype for Business is now available, which has a comparable feature set. Businesses can then use it to switch to cloud voicemail.

TLS protocol

The 2019 version only supports the TLS protocol from version 1.2 and thus offers more security in the encryption protocol.

System requirements for Windows Exchange Server 2019

The successful installation of Exchange Server 2019 requires certain prerequisites of network, hardware, software as well as clients. In addition, certain coexistence scenarios with previous versions of Exchange may also need to be observed to ensure smooth operation.

Microsoft Outlook is recommended for client communication. As browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari are supported in addition to Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge.

Hardware requirements for Exchange Server 2019

To ensure that the new Exchange version can be used without any problems, the PC should have 64-bit processors from either Intel or AMD, as well as provide 200 MB of free space on the system drive; in addition, 500 MB of free memory is required on the drive with Message Queue Database.

Coexistence scenarios supported by Exchange 2019

Exchange 2019 partially supports earlier versions of Exchange, such as hybrid deployments with all Office 365 clients upgraded to the latest Office 365 version. The Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) from Exchange Server 2013 used for hybrid configuration is converted to a cloud-based application in this case.

Further supported are the following Domain Name System (DNS) namespaces: contiguous; non-contiguous; separate as well as single-part domains.

What versions of Windows Exchange Server 2019 are available from Wiresoft?

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 is available from Wiresoft in the following two versions: Standard and Enterprise. 

Windows Exchange Server 2019 Standard Edition

The Standard edition is designed to meet the mailbox needs of small to medium-sized businesses and home office users. It supports up to five mailbox databases while providing a variety of convenient features in managing and organizing team collaboration.

Windows Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise edition is ideal for large enterprises that require a larger number of mailbox databases. It supports up to 100 mailbox databases. This groupware and email server software offers optimal productivity: all employees can use it to access and manage or edit all provided data simultaneously. The complete email traffic including appointment management is effortlessly organized with it. The Exchange Server 2019 Enterpreis version is designed for companies, universities as well as schools and public administrations.

Flexible licensing of Windows Exchange Server 2019

You can use the license for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard as a server solution both in your own data center and via a cloud. Microsoft will provide you with the appropriate host solution in each case. For licensing, you can use the corresponding online service from Microsoft, or your own server.

When you purchase Microsoft Exchange Server 2019, you do not receive a physical data carrier from Wiresoft, but a Single User Medialess License Kit (MLK). After installation is complete, you will then register online on the Microsoft website. You can then use your license for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 without any time restrictions.

We will be happy to provide you with all the data required for registration when you make your purchase. If you would like to use the Standard client software Outlook, you will need to order this separately if required. Of course, you can also use Outlook on the Web, which is included in the edition. In doing so, you benefit from regular software updates and always stay up to date.

Whether Microsoft Exchange Server Standard- or Enterprise-license: All Microsoft products available at Wiresoft contain exclusively original license rights from the European area. Wiresoft offers software licenses purchased by companies but previously unused for sale - and completely legally. All licenses have been checked by Wiresoft for authenticity and functionality. Many of our enthusiastic customers confirm this. Feel free to contact us for more information.