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Buy SharePoint Server 2016 CAL: An overview of client access licenses

SharePoint Server 2016 is a powerful collaboration and document management platform that helps organizations organize and share information more efficiently. When implementing it in organizations, it's important to understand how Client Access Licenses (CALs) work and the benefits they provide. In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of SharePoint Server 2016 CALs and explain why they are critical to the success of your SharePoint deployment.

What are SharePoint Server 2016 CALs?

Client Access Licenses (CALs) are licenses offered by Microsoft that govern how users or devices access SharePoint Server 2016. CALs are an essential part of SharePoint server licensing and play an important role in ensuring compliance and legal use of the software.

There are two main types of SharePoint Server 2016 CALs:

1. SharePoint Server 2016 Standard CAL

The SharePoint Server 2016 Standard CAL provides basic access to SharePoint Server 2016 features and services. Users or devices with a Standard CAL can access team websites, shared document libraries, search capabilities, and basic workflow features.

2. SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise CAL

The SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise CAL is an extended CAL that unlocks additional features and services. With this license, users or devices can access advanced features such as business data connectivity, business intelligence, and advanced search. This is especially useful for organizations that have more demanding requirements for their SharePoint deployment.

Why are SharePoint Server 2016 CALs important?

Using SharePoint Server 2016 without the appropriate CALs is not only legally problematic, but can also lead to serious compliance issues. Here are some reasons why CALs are important:

1. Licensing Compliance

Microsoft requires organizations to use software in compliance with licensing requirements. By purchasing the right CALs, you ensure that your SharePoint deployment is license compliant and you don't risk legal issues.

2. Access to advanced features

The Enterprise CALs provide access to advanced features and services of SharePoint Server 2016. If your organization wants to take advantage of these features, the right CALs are essential.

3. Scalability

CALs are scalable and can be expanded based on the needs of your business. As your business grows or needs change, you can purchase additional CALs to meet the additional demand.

CALs and cloud-based SharePoint deployments

It is important to note that the above information applies to on-premises (local) SharePoint deployments. If your organization is using SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365, different licensing models apply and CALs are not required. Licensing for SharePoint Online is typically on a per-user basis and is included in the various Microsoft 365 subscriptions.


SharePoint Server 2016 CALs are critical for legitimate and efficient use of the platform. They provide access to SharePoint features and services and ensure that your organization is acting in compliance with Microsoft's licensing policies. When planning your SharePoint implementation, it's important to consider your organization's needs and ensure that you purchase the right CALs to meet your users' needs. With the right licensing, you can get the most out of SharePoint Server 2016 and increase collaboration and productivity in your organization.