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MS Project 2019 Professional - the project management software as a purchase version Project 2019 Professional is the versatile, proven project management system for larger companies and organizations that features a wide range of...
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MS Project 2019 Standard - the project management software for sale as a standalone version Project 2019 Standard is the latest version of Microsoft's flexible project management system, aimed primarily at SMEs and the self-employed. The...
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Microsoft Project 2019: Efficient project management with the latest tools

Microsoft Project 2019 at a glance

Microsoft Project 2019 is the latest version of Microsoft's proven project management software. This powerful application offers a wide range of tools and features to help companies plan, manage and successfully complete projects efficiently. Find out what Microsoft Project 2019 has to offer.

New features and improvements

Modern user interface

With Microsoft Project 2019, users get a redesigned and modernized user interface that makes navigating and working on projects even easier and more efficient. The clear user interface makes it easier to navigate and find functions, increasing productivity.

Advanced planning tools

The software offers advanced planning tools that allow project managers to create detailed project plans and allocate resources optimally to achieve project goals. With features such as timelines and resource utilization tables, you can plan and manage your projects even more accurately.

Improved collaboration

Microsoft Project 2019 promotes team collaboration through seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. Teams can work on project plans together and share information easily. This facilitates communication and coordination between team members, regardless of their location.

Advantages of Microsoft Project 2019

Increased efficiency

The new version offers improved resource management and project planning functions that increase efficiency and allow projects to be completed more quickly. This leads to higher productivity and reduced costs.

Clear visualization

Microsoft Project 2019 makes it possible to present project information and progress reports in appealing diagrams and graphics to ensure a better overview and comprehensibility. This makes it easier to communicate project information and helps with decision-making.


Microsoft Project 2019 is the ideal choice for companies looking for an advanced project management solution. With its modern interface, advanced planning tools and improved team collaboration, it offers all the necessary tools to manage projects efficiently and successfully. The benefits range from increased efficiency to clear visualization of project information. If you want to optimize your project management processes and ensure the success of your projects, Microsoft Project 2019 is the right choice for your company. Invest in this powerful software to plan, manage and successfully complete your projects more effectively.