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VMware vRealize Operations 7 Enterprise is a comprehensive operations management platform for modern data centers and clouds. It provides integrated performance, capacity and configuration management across the software-defined data...
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vRealize Operations 

vMware's vRealize Operations is a unified, AI-powered platform that enables centralized, unified IT management of private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments - even beyond the boundaries of your own data center.

With vROps, comprehensive automation of processes is also possible, while optimizing performance. Other benefits include comprehensive visibility, including early detection of issues such as capacity utilization, thereby vRealize Operations also facilitates resource planning and utilization.

With key features such as continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity and cost management, intelligent remediation, and built-in compliance, enterprises benefit from deploying vRealize Operations in their network by improving the efficiency of hybrid cloud environments while reducing investment costs.

Key Features of vRealize Operations (vROps)

vRealize Operations is the central module of vRealize Suite, VMware's comprehensive management platform with vSphere, which includes the five components vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Business for Cloud.

Through the vROps web interface, admins can effectively manage infrastructure as well as enable monitoring of VMs - including scheduling resources for secure and stable performance of platform-based services.

vRealize Operations is integrated into the vSphere infrastructure as a virtual app. Through vCenter, vROps receives relevant data on a complete vSphere infrastructure, including clusters, hosts, VMs, as well as virtual networks and vSAN datastores. Through built-in connectors, vRealize Operations can also communicate with external databases, servers, storage, as well as networks and applications managed by non-VMware software, etc.

For comprehensive measurements and analysis, including their informative presentation, all collected values and data from vRealize Operations are combined in a database and processed using the integrated analysis engine. As a result, vROps can quickly draw attention to potential capacity bottlenecks and also identify the causes. In addition, vRealize Operations can take over automated tasks according to defined guidelines and thus relieve IT.

Cloud providers supported by vRealize Operations

In addition to VMware Cloud Foundation, vSphere 7 with Tanzu, vSAN and VMware Cloud on AWS, the vRealize Operations cloud supports the following clouds from external providers:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • as well as on-premises private clouds based on vSphere

Licensing of vRealize Operations 7

vRealize Operations 7, the latest release from VMware, is available both on-premises and as SaaS - Software as a Service; furthermore, it can be purchased standalone or bundled with a VMware Suite. vRealize Operations 7 is available in the following licensing:

  • as PLUs for the vCloud Suite and the vRealize Suite
  • per CPU with unlimited VMs
  • per virtual machine or OSI instance
  • as SaaS

vRealize 7 Editions

vRealize 7 is available in the following editions:

  • Standard -the unified operating platform for VMware vSphere with basic management features such as workload placement as well as workload balancing, capacity management as well as access to more than 35 management packs; licensing is per VM or CPU
  • Advanced - includes management for VMware SDDC, VMware Cloud on AWS, AVS, GCVE and VCPP-based hybrid clouds, customizable dashboards and access to more than 70 management packs; licensing by CPU or OSI (Operating System Instance)
  • Enterprise - including fully automated management and application monitoring for VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware SDDC Hybrid Clouds, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Containers, further access to more than 90 management packs; licensing by CPU or OSI (Operating System Instance)

vSphere 7 - the most important innovations at a glance

VMware is releasing a major update with version vSphere 7. Key new features include container and Kubernetes integration, along with performance, capacity management and intelligent remediation optimizations, including multiple cloud support, improved compliance support, the addition of more metrics, and the creation of what-if scenarios for new workloads and cloud migration. In addition, there are further enhancements to widgets and the display of analytics, metrics and thresholds, as well as the following additions in detail:

Platform enhancements

  • Support for vCenter vMotion to move VMs via vCenter, including history storage
  • New search options for content such as dashboards, views, alerts and supermetrics, including support for them
  • Use of SSH for vRealize Operations Manager nodes via the admin user interface
  • Enable Network Time Protocol settings via the Admin User Interface
  • Improved integration with VMware Identity Manager including options for importing user groups
  • Perform actions and disable alerts via the Alerts page
  • Define and export vRealize Business costings for VMs and import them into vRealize Operations Manager

Performance optimization

  • Fully automated workload balancing for clusters, for example, for efficient capacity utilization as well as compliance and licensing costs
  • Integration of vRealize Automation for initial and ongoing self-service cloud workload placement, multi-cloud automation with governance, and DevOps-based infrastructure management and security
  • Host-based automated distributed resource scheduler for clusters
  • Placement tag violation detection and remediation
  • Workload optimization history documentation
  • New workflows for adapting too small or too large workloads ensure performance and efficiency

Optimized intelligent remediation

  • Support for multiple clouds such as SDDC, AWS, and VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Support for DISA, CIS, FISMA, HIPAA, PCI and ISO Security
  • Streamlined integration with VMware Wavefront for application performance monitoring (APM) and troubleshooting
  • Visualization of alerts and metrics from vRealize Operations Manager with vRealize Automation

Dashboard and Reporting Enhancements

  • Simplified dashboard creation with an intuitive interface and multiple widgets and views out-of-the-box, including four-column views and cross-dashboard interactions
  • Shared dashboards for copying and emailing via URLs without login or URLs embedded in web pages with vRealize Operations Manager, including tracking and revoking URLs
  • New orphaned content page for managing dashboards and reports
  • Improved startup dashboard with repository dashboard for employees

Supported VMware compliance packs and management packs:

vRealize Operations Manager 7  supports the following VMware Compliance Packs and Management Packs:

  • vRealize Operations Compliance Pack for CIS 1.0
  • vRealize Operations Compliance Pack for DISA 1.0
  • vRealize Operations Compliance Pack for FISMA 1.0
  • vRealize Operations Compliance Pack for ISO 1.0
  • vRealize Operations Management Pack for AWS 3.0
  • vRealize Operations Management Pack for vCloud Director 5.0
  • vRealize Operations Management Pack for Cloud Provider Pod 1.0
  • vRealize Operations Management Pack for Container Monitoring 1.2
  • vRealize Operations Management Pack for OpenStack 5.0
  • vRealize Operations Management Pack for Storage Devices 7.0
  • vRealize Operations Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator 2.0
  • vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack for 1.0.1 and higher
  • vRealize Operations SDDC Management Health Management Pack 5.0