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Microsoft Office 2019 Standard - the edition for professional users Microsoft Office 2019 is the latest version of the proven productivity software for creating and designing texts as well as calculations, including their vivid...
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Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus - for all the needs of business professionals The current Office Suite in version 2019 offers professional users (in addition to Home & Business, Professional and Standard), especially with the...
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Microsoft Office 2019 for Windows

Compared to its predecessor, the new Office version 2019 from Microsoft offers a range of new features that make working on documents - alone or in a team - even more flexible. The proven OneDrive enables uncomplicated data and document sharing in the cloud - for cross-team collaboration on documents.

Microsoft has also added further functions to tried-and-tested Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, offering enhanced options for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations: Word includes, among other things, the Microsoft Dictate dictation function and a translation tool; Excel, for example, includes the analysis solution "Publish to Power BI" as a new menu item; and in PowerPoint, new animations such as Morph and Zoom are available.

In addition, the background themes white, dark gray, and black are also available in these programs; the latter colors in particular are easy on the eyes and thus make working on the screen even more relaxing.

The new Office version shows a slightly different look compared to the 2016 version: The start page of the programs now also shows those Office files that have been shared by users via the cloud. Otherwise, users will find the usual intuitive menu navigation. Microsoft OneNote is no longer included, but it can be used in Windows 10 via the Universal Windows App.

MS Office package 2019 also available as offline version

In addition to the software subscription, the new Microsoft Office version is also available as an offline version for installation. This means that users who prefer working with Windows programs in an on-premise environment can use the Office 2019 software package as permanent without connecting to the cloud.

At Wiresoft, the two Office 2019 editions Standard and Professional Plus are available in the stand-alone variant. These offer even more comprehensive functions compared to the other editions and are particularly suitable for self-employed or freelancers and small as well as larger companies.  

Office 2019 - installation by click to run

Compared to Office 2016, the 2019 version uses click-to-run (click-and-run) installation technology. C2R offers monthly security updates and reduces the network requirements with its optimization technology for downloads.

It automatically installs all Office applications or apps. However, with the Office deployment tool, it is possible to selectively install only individual applications.

MS Office 2019 only supports PCs running on Windows 10, Mac computers should have one of the last three current MacOs versions installed.

All versions of Office 2019 are available as 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version requires at least 4 GB of RAM.

Office 2019 - New common features in Office 2019 programs

The Office 2019 package contains some new functions for all versions, which are available across different programs, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint; in addition, there are enhanced options in the individual programs for word processing, in analyses and in the design of templates, etc. Below are brief explanations of the most important ones.

Office 2019 - translation function

In the current versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, there is now a translation function; in Outlook, this can be installed subsequently with the Office AddIn Translator for Outlook. It offers the advantage that you no longer have to call web page via the browser to translate a text or section, but this is done immediately via the menu with Review > Translate.

Office 2019 - Freehand drawing

This tool allows you to create and insert sketches, shapes or even mathematical representations from a freehand drawing; this is even possible without a touchscreen, because the application also works with the mouse.

Buy Office 2019 - Supporting error correction for accessibility

Supporting error correction makes suggestions to create a document barrier-free, so that it can be easily read and edited by people with a disability. This is based on internationally binding accessibility standards.

Office 2019 - Audio feedback

Audio notifications, if enabled, occur with a sound as confirmation when an email is sent, or when objects are deleted or content is inserted. Likewise, there is a sound notification once screen options have been changed.

Office 2019 - Improved pen support for touch devices

Especially users who also use Office 2019 on a device with a touch screen via pen will benefit from the optimized support of this way of working. Not only has the pressure intensity been improved, but new tilt effects have also been integrated. Curved lines can now be drawn with different pressure intensities, whereby the width or intensity of a line can be varied by tilting the pen.

Office 2019 - New features in individual Office 2019 programs

In addition, Office 2019 offers various new features in the individual programs; these include:

Word 2019: Insert vector-based pictograms

The latest version of Word now includes the ability to insert vector-based graphics or icons into text. The Pictograms selection contains various scalable graphics that can be inserted into a Word document with a click and enlarged without loss of quality.

In addition, it is now possible to hide the editing bars and display a text in full screen, which helps to concentrate while reading.

Excel 2019: New data analysis functions and chart types

In addition to new data analysis features, Excel has also been enhanced with more types of charts, such as clear funnel charts for displaying sales pipelines and sales funnels, and 2D maps for displaying geographic data as precise visualizations.

PowerPoint 2019: Animations for 3D objects

Office 2019 now offers the ability to insert and edit 3D objects from an online gallery or from the desktop into Office documents. Especially in PowerPoint, functions such as morph and zoom are available for this purpose to animate them, e.g. to rotate the view.

Outlook 2019: focus on the essentials

The new Clutter feature is an intelligent function that helps users manage the daily flood of emails. Clutter automatically detects which emails are important and forwards them to the inbox. Also, the translation feature is available after installation via the Office Translator for Outlook add-in.

Office 2019 editions at Wiresoft

Office 2019 comes in a total of five versions - of these, Office 2019 Standard and Office 2019 Professional Plus are offered at Wiresoft. These two have more comprehensive features and programs than the Home & Student, Home & Business, and Professional versions, with Professional Pro including all the features of the Standard version.

Microsoft Office 2019 Standard

The Office 2019 Standard software is particularly suitable for companies and people who need to manage more complex operations and tasks in business on a daily basis.

For this purpose, more practical features are available, such as Update Control or the Telemetry App, but also Group Policy as well as Terminal Services or RDS and Microsoft Publisher.

Office 2019 - Telemetry App

The Telemetry App in Windows Office 2019 Standard with the Telemetry Dashboard is a tool in the form of an Excel workbook. It is configured for an enterprise database and is used to collect data on Office document usage, inventory, and integrity. It can be used to check the compatibility of company-specific add-ins to optimize their use.

Office 2019 - Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for Office Standard provides programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint as Web Apps for online use. This allows the primary user of a licensed endpoint to use these programs on a second, mobile device.

Office 2019 - Publisher for Publications

MS Publisher, which is only available in Windows version, is a powerful tool that can be used to convincingly design not only presentations, but also printed materials. Using drag and drop function, images and graphics are imported directly into the Publisher drawing area and edited there.

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

The Professional Plus package provides users with all the program functions and services that the Office 2019 edition offers. These include the Access, Skype for Business, Email Retention, Data Loss Prevention, Site Mailboxes, Archiving, Spreadsheet Tools and Enterprise Voice features. Of particular note are:

Office 2019 - Access for demanding business professionals

Access is a powerful tool in the Professional Plus version that allows users not only to create databases for flexible business applications, but also to manage them comprehensively. Versatile design tools are available for developing customized systems for capturing and analyzing data, such as for status reports, and are used intuitively.

Office 2019 - Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to prevent data loss

Securing sensitive data such as credit card numbers or health records, which are increasingly stored in a cloud, is an essential task for many organizations. Data Loss Prevention in MS Office Professional Plus 2019 provides protection against unauthorized access or theft of sensitive data available, for example, via Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business, but also locally in Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Thus, DLP can be used to identify and monitor such data and ensure compliance.

Office 2019 - Enterprise Voice for comprehensive communications

This Skype for Business solution offers comprehensive features for unified communication. Enterprise Voice can connect to existing PBXs and offers convenient features such as response groups, call parking, and team call answering and management.

System requirements for Office 2019

To get the most out of Office 2019 on a computer, it should meet the following requirements: Recommended processor for PC: 1.6 GHz, 2-core processor: for Mac: MacOs (one of the 3 current versions) with Intel processor.

The RAM for PC: 2 GB in 32bit version, 4 GB in 64bit version: Mac: 4 GB.

Free hard disk space for PC: 4 GB, for Mac: 10 GB. For optimal viewing, the screen should have a resolution of 1,280 x 768 pixels (PC) or 1,280 x 800 pixels (Mac).

Microsoft Office 2019 Editions buy cheap at Wiresoft

At Wiresoft you can find the MS Office 2019 versions Standard as well as Professional Plus especially cheap as offline version without subscription. Both products are full versions with complete Microsoft support, and not OEM versions. Wiresoft sells only original Microsoft software, these are unused and therefore free licenses, which come from European companies and have been tested by Wiresoft for authenticity and functionality. This is confirmed by our many satisfied customers who trust Wiresoft software products. If you have any questions about which Office 2019 version best suits your needs, feel free to contact us.