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Wiresoft से प्रत्येक खरीद के साथ आप बाल संरक्षण संघ का समर्थन करते हैं।

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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

Core 2 Core 
Minimum licensing 4 Core Pro Server
CAL Not required
Medium Download
Runtime Unlimited
Languages All languages
Scope of delivery Download + License

The SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core  edition provides enterprises with a reliable scalable as well as hybrid relational database platform to build intelligent applications for Desktop, Server and the web, supported by its high scalability and performance as well as advanced security features.

For further questions about the product, please contact our customer service.


Product information "MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2016 STANDARD 2-CORE"

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core

The SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core edition provides enterprises with a reliable scalable as well as hybrid relational database platform to build intelligent applications for Desktop, Server and the web, supported by its high scalability and performance as well as advanced security features.

This edition offers many new features for in-database queries and analytics, including Hadoop and Cloud integration as well as real-time and R analytics, supported by Advanced Analytics capabilities. Furthermore, in-memory performance, support for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) as well as PolyBase for Transact-SQL queries and new Hybrid Cloud scenarios should be mentioned briefly, so that companies receive even more detailed results, which can be published as reports on many end devices with the diverse visualization options.

At Wiresoft, SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core is available as used software - at a lower price than new - with older versions of SQL Server like this regularly discontinued. As used software, this Core-based SQL Server license can be used to its full extent with the maximum scalability, performance and security typical of the edition and is therefore particularly attractive for companies and organizations that use more powerful Server and for which the alternative CAL-based licensing is therefore not an option. Licensing of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core is done according to the official Microsoft license management terms. For detailed information on new enhancements and new features included in SQL Server 2016 Standard and your optimal licensing, please see the following text.

The benefits and new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition includes many comprehensive database features that are especially needed for mid-tier applications and data marts. It supports

the transformation of business-critical applications into intelligent applications - among other things through higher scalability for up to 24 cores. The integration of open source R also extends the possibilities for data analysis; in addition, users benefit from many Business intelligence and development tools that are also available in the Cloud. Below is more information on the functional areas of the SQL Server-Version 2016 Standard 2-Core.

In-Memory OLTP

The features built into In-Memory OLTP improve performance when processing workloads as well as transactions, and are responsible for significant performance gains through memory optimization including

  • Query store
  • In-Memory Columnstore including ColumnStore index extension
  • Temporal Tables for historization and provisioning of table data including support of table sizes up to 2 TB

SQL Server Analysis Services

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) in the 2016 version offers many improvements in performance and functionalities including:

  • Creation, filtering and processing for table model databases - including integration with the R statistical language:
  • R scripts can be run directly on the SQL Server for analysis and therefore no longer need to be exported from the SQL database, which also provides increased security.
  • For direct live querying of external data, Oracle, Teradata as well as Azure SQL, among others, are also supported as data sources.
  • Database Consistency Checker checks database consistency and immediately detects potential problems caused by corrupted data.
  • New DAX functions as well as Namespace Services are available.
  • For the also revised Analysis Services Management Objects (AMO) a second assembly is available with Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Core.dll.

Integration Services

Important new features in SQL Server 2016 in SSIS are:

  • Support for Always On availability groups as well as
  • Always Encrypted and Hadoop file system (HDFS)
  • Incremental provisioning of packages
  • Available column names in case of errors in the data flow
  • New Connectors
  • Custom logging capabilities

Master Data Services

Master Data Services (MDS)is used to efficiently manage the master data sets of an organization. In SQL Server 2016, the following options are available here, among others:

  • Organizing data in the form of models including the creation of rules for updating as well as individual access permissions.
  • Definition of workflows by means of change sets incl. new levels for more security
  • Release of master data sets for individual persons in Excel
  • Filtering capability by domain-based attributes as well as synchronization for sharing across models
  • Improved query performance with user-defined indexes

Reporting Services

The SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) are used to create as well as provide or manage mobile or paginated reports, including:

  • Analysis Services: these provide analytical data from reporting and Business Services reports so that they can also be used for Client applications and Business third-party intelligence tools.
  • Generating reports from different data sources and publishing them in different formats, including HTML5 support for rendering reports - these can be accessed, for example, via the web-based reporting portal with KPI feature as well as the new Publisher via a browser in a web portal or on a mobile device, as well as via email.
  • New chart types: Treemap as well as Sunburst


The 2016 version of Microsoft SQL Server offers the following security feature enhancements, among others:

  • Always Encrypted secures sensitive data such as credit cards in the SQL Server database in encrypted form. Additional protection is provided by different roles for access rights, so that, for example, admins can manage such data but do not have direct access to it themselves.
  • With row-level security, access restrictions can also be defined for individual data rows: Certain employees are then only granted authorization for individual data rows.
  • Dynamic Data Masking provides simplified security coding for applications to prevent unauthorized employees from accessing sensitive data.

Specifications for the maximum available performance of SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core for individual components

The following information relates to scalability, performance, and features available for individual components.

Maximum scalability/sizes Pro SQL Server instance

  • Computing capacity general: 4 sockets or 24 cores
  • Computing capacity SQL Analysis Services resp. Reporting Services: 4 sockets resp. 24 cores
  • Working memory Analysis Services: Tabular 16 GB / MOLAP 64 GB
  • Working memory Reporting Services: 64 GB
  • Working memory buffer pool: 128 GB
  • Working memory columnstore segment cache: 32 GB
  • Memory optimized data: 32 GB
  • Relational database size: 524 PB

High Availability for SQL Server-Database Engine Features

  • Server-Core-Support
  • Database mirroring (full security)
  • Log shipping
  • Backup compression
  • Always On Failover Clustering: 2 nodes
  • Basic availability groups: 2 nodes
  • Database recovery advisor and snapshot
  • Encrypted backup or hybrid backup to Azure

Scalable SQL Server database engine features, including:

  • Columnstore
  • In-memory OLTP
  • Persistent main memory
  • Stretch database
  • Buffer pool extension
  • Data compression
  • Multiple instance support
  • Partitioning of tables and indexes incl. parallel processing
  • FILESTREAM container    

Other features of the SQL Server 2016 version

  • Security features, including: Always Encrypted, row-level security, dynamic data masking, user-defined roles, backup encryption
  • Replication: SQL Server change tracking with snapshot, transaction and merge replication, updatable subscription with transaction replication, and heterogeneous subscribers
  • Management Tools, including: SQL Configuration-Manager with SQL Management Objects and SQL Command Prompt Tool as well as SQL Profiler and SQL Server-Agent, Distributed Replay for Administrator Tool, Client as well as Controller (for 1 client) and Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  • Data warehousing features: StreamInsight as well as automatic generation of staging and data warehouse schemas and creation of cubes without database
  • Development Tools: IntelliSense with Transact-SQL and MDX as well as MDX editing, MDX debugging and MDX design tools as well as SQL Server data tools and integration capability with Microsoft Visual Studio

Minimum hardware and software requirements for SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core

The following information represents the minimum requirements for both the installation and operation of SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core Edition. It should be noted that a 64-bit Client operating system supports all SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core features, while a 32-bit Client operating system supports only certain features. x86 processors cannot be used. Furthermore, it is recommended to install SQL Server 2016 on a computer with NTFS or ReFS file format.


  • Hard disk space: 6 GB - depending on the installed SQL Server components
  • Memory: 4 GB - higher as the database size increases to ensure optimal performance of SQL Server 2016
  • Processors: x64 processor - AMD Opteron / Athlon 64, Intel Xeon / Pentium IV with EM64T support
  • Processor speed: 1.4 GHz; 2.0 GHz recommended


  • .NET Framework 4.6 - SQL Server-Setup .NET Framework is installed automatically - as well as Master Data Services and Replication
  • Operating Systems: Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, Standard 2-Core or Essentials; Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter; Standard 2-Core, Essentials or R2 Foundation; Windows Server 2012 Datacenter, Standard 2-Core, Essentials or Foundation
  • Installing SQL Server 2016 in Server Core mode: Windows Server 2016 Standard 2-Core or Datacenter; Windows Server 2016 Standard 2-Core or Datacenter; Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 2-Core or Datacenter; Windows Server 2012 Standard 2-Core or Datacenter

Licensing SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core Edition

With the SQL Server 2016 version, Microsoft introduced the Core licensing described here, which is also available for the Standard edition of SQL Server 2016 and is described below. In contrast to older SQL Server versions, here the number of cores Pro processor forms the basis for the exact licensing of a SQL Server; each physical Core of the server requires its own license, whereby cores are always only licensed in pairs.

The total need of Core licenses for the SQL Server results from the maximum number of cores, basically Microsoft takes as a basis a minimum of 8 licenses Pro Server - so the following conditions apply:

  • Each physical or virtual processor core requires a license.
  • Consequently, all physical and active cores must be licensed.
  • Each processor is charged with a minimum of 8 cores.
  • Each Server is charged with a minimum of 16 cores.
  • Licensing is always done in pairs and the Core licenses for SQL Server 2016 Standard are available as packages of 2.

These Microsoft license terms also apply to used software. If you have any questions about your correct licensing with SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core packages, please feel free to contact us.

FAQs about SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core Edition as Wiresoft Used Software

With our offer of used software such as SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core license you can be sure that it offers the same possibilities as the corresponding new server license software - on the one hand because software cannot wear out, on the other hand also regarding its functionality as well as the legality of its usability. Here you can find all answers to frequently asked questions about used SQL Server software.

Where does Wiresoft SQL Server used software come from at 2016 Standard 2-Core?

The used software for SQL Server 2016 offered in the Wiresoft software store usually comes from those companies that first purchased the original software new and resold it to Wiresoft - common reasons are because there are surplus, unused licenses or this software has been replaced by another version or type and is therefore no longer used. At Wiresoft such licenses are therefore marked as used software, but in principle they can be used like a new license.

Does Wiresoft used software offer buyer security like to SQL Server 2016?

Yes: When purchasing Wiresoft used software such as the SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core license, our customers have the same advantages as when purchasing new Server software: Buyer security through immediate download and immediate license activation via the supplied valid license Key.

Is the trade with or the use of used software with SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core legal?

Yes: For the trade with used software as well as for its actual use, the corresponding jurisdiction applies, which allows both as legal - this has been confirmed several times by various court rulings. The used software offered at Wiresoft originates from license inventories of companies.

Does Wiresoft Used Software have other advantages?

Yes: The Wiresoft Used Software gives our customers the opportunity to either supplement or update their respective software inventories at a favorable price, because the prices are significantly lower than those of comparable new software. In the Wiresoft software store, many older versions of Server licenses are also available, which are no longer offered new, so that customers can avoid more expensive upgrades. Wiresoft Used software has by the complete proof of all buyers thereby the further advantage that it offers also audit security!

The Wiresoft used software offer includes not only SQL Server software such as the 2016 Standard 2-Core Edition, but also the alternative licensing with CALs as well as newer versions of SQL Server - at a favorable advantage price. Here you can also find offers for many other Microsoft programs - with all the benefits mentioned above. If you have any questions regarding your licensing of SQL Server 2016 Standard 2-Core or any other form of licensing, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat, e-mail or phone.

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