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Wiresoft से प्रत्येक खरीद के साथ आप बाल संरक्षण संघ का समर्थन करते हैं।


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Der Kinderschutzbund – Bundesverband

Wiresoft से प्रत्येक खरीद के साथ आप बाल संरक्षण संघ का समर्थन करते हैं।

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Product information "VMWARE vSAN 7 ADVANCED"

I am pleased to report VMware vSan 7 Advanced . This latest version of the VMware hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) platform delivers powerful new features that make it even easier for customers to deploy and manage HCI. With vSan 7 Advanced, customers can achieve even greater performance, efficiency and resiliency for their applications.

One of the key new features in vSan 7 Advanced is support for NVMe devices. This allows customers to take advantage of the high performance and low latency of these devices. In addition, vSan now supports up to 64 nodes Pro clusters, providing better scalability for larger deployments. And with enhanced security features such as encryption at rest and role-based access control (RBAC), customers can rest assured that their data is safe and secure.

VMware vSan 7 is a powerful storage platform that can help your business reduce costs and improve performance. Below are some of the key features of VMware vSan 7:

-Advanced Storage Spaces: VMware vSan 7 lets you create advanced storage spaces that provide more flexibility and performance. You can also use these advanced storage spaces to store virtual machines and other data.

-Improved performance: VMware vSan 7 provides improved performance for virtual machines and applications. In particular, it provides better support for high-performance workloads.

-Increased scalability: VMware v SAN 7 provides greater scalability than previous versions, making it ideal for large organizations or companies with growing needs.
-Simplified Management: VMware v SAN 7 makes Management easier than ever, allowing you to get up and running quickly without complex configuration procedures.

VMware vSan 7 Advanced is a powerful platform that delivers superior performance, efficiency and resiliency to your applications. I encourage you to try it out today!

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